Miss S. Monks Wirral

Miss S. Monks Wirral

1. Christian ethos which is reflected in everything they do. This can be seen at all levels -owner, kitchen fitters, electricians etc.

2. The professionalism of the fitters who are not only conscientious, but go the extra mile -working until 9:30pm on one evening (and 6:30/7:30pm on other occasions) in order to complete the job. They were always cheerful, polite and nothing was too muc;:h trouble. They took great pride in their work.

3. Having the same fitters throughout which meant that there was no waiting around for other tradesmen to complete jobs before other jobs could be completed.

4. The electricians who came to check over the work so the necessary certificate could be issued -as well as installing an updated fuse box -showed the same level of competence and conscientiousness as the fitters.

5. Ade kept me informed throughout the build and doubleĀ­ checked things with me so if there was anything that needed clarifying it could be sorted. He even asked my neighbour about direction of soil pipe before he dug up path.
6. High quality fittings and fixtures.

7. Top choice of appliances.